Do you want to become a Savius Trader and scale your Trading?

Savius ​​brings with it a new concept of Prop Firm Trading

"Every moment of crisis brings with it the seed of an opportunity"

Show us what you're capable of.

And it is for this reason that we have developed various paths that can be selected on the basis of one's needs and the degree of risk one wishes to take.

Ed è per questa ragione che abbiamo sviluppato diversi percorsi che possono essere selezionati sulla base delle proprie necessità e del grado di rischio che si vuole assumere.

Limitless Challenge

Take part in our best-selling Challenge. Suitable for anyone, Limitless features a two-step evaluation, then you start earning real money.

To date, over 1,000 Traders have received their payments.

Savius ​​paid over half a million dollars to their Savius ​​Traders.

Available markets:
✅ Futures

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Anti-Prop Challenge

La maggior parte delle Prop Firm promette di inserirti in un conto reale. La verità? Non lo fa mai.

La nostra sede è in Svizzera e non in un luogo esotico e sconsciuto: le regole le rispettiamo.

Questa è la Challenge per chi è consapevole delle proprie capacità e vuole iniziare a guadagnare fin da subito.

Mercati disponibili:
✅ Forex

Coming Soon...

Fearless Challenge

This is the most loved route.

Here the games get even more serious. You'll start right away with a half a million dollar account.

Accessing the Fearless Challenge means wanting to reach levels inaccessible for 99% of Traders in the World.

An evaluation phase awaits you, once this phase has been completed, generous compensation awaits you based on your performance...

Up to becoming a professional Senior Trader .

Available markets: ✅ Futures

Coming soon...

Are you here in disbelief and can't understand how we can help you scale your Trading?

First of all...

What is a Prop Firm and Prop Trading

Prop Trading is a modality that has two protagonists: the  Prop Firm and the  Trader.

Quite simply: the Prop Firm (like Savius) is an investment company that makes its capital available.

The Trader pays an entry fee to access the huge capitals of Savius ​​- in this case – and operate with them.

In case of profit, the Trader is recognized a percentage of the profit.

In the event of losses, the maximum risk exposure lies with Savius

This puts the  Trader in an advantageous situation: being able to operate with large capitals without risking losing one’s savings.

On the other hand,  Savius ​​is an investment company constantly looking for talents and professionals to add to its fund.

This therefore creates a  win-win relationship between  Savius ​​and the  Trader .

We know you still have more questions…

Why choose Savius?

This year (2023) we turned 10 years old.

Already the degree of longevity of our company can help you understand the degree of reliability.

But that is not all…

For 10 years (when the number of Prop Firms could be counted on the fingers of one hand) we have always put ourselves in the game.

We have – year after year – constantly renewed our services to  support our  Savius ​​Traders at every stage of their journey.

To date we have thousands of Traders operating through our capitals, there is an entire department dedicated to training (where the President of Savius ​​and the CEO are also involved).

We are talking about a Team that operates in Trading on a daily basis and not just in words.

If you want to know more about our company…

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