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Savius introduces a revolutionary Prop Firm Trading concept

‘Every moment of crisis brings with it the seed of an opportunity’

Game Changer Challenge

A challenge you only pay for if you pass. We have decided to stop charging you for challenges with endless retries and wasted money. With the Game Changer, you get free restarts within the month and only pay for the challenge once you reach the funded account.

    Available markets:
  • Futures

The Savius Trader: Unique and ambitious

It is for this reason that we have developed different paths that can be selected according to your needs and the level of risk you want to take


Join our community of professional traders, pass our challenges and become part of a real trading desk. Over 5,000 paid traders since 2014, over $25M distributed by Savius.

Proprietary Trading involves a collaboration between a Proprietary Trading Firm, such as Savius, and a trader. The firm provides the trader with the necessary capital to trade in the financial markets, while the trader pays a fee for access to these funds. If the trader makes a profit, the trader receives a percentage share of that profit. In the event of a loss, however, the Proprietary Trading Firm covers the financial risk. This model is advantageous for the trader, who has the opportunity to trade with significant capital without putting his own savings at risk. Savius is always looking for talent to include in its fund, thus establishing a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties.

Why choose Savius?

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There are numerous reasons why Savius should be your Proprietary Trading Firm of choice. Here are four key advantages that we consider crucial for every trader.


Greater Control and Flexibility

By working with Savius, you will have more control over your trading decisions and strategies. You will not be bound by the policies of an external company, thus enjoying unprecedented flexibility.

High earning potential

As a qualified trader, Savius provides you with access to capital and leverage, enabling you to maximise your earning potential

Access to Advanced Resources and Technologies

With Savius, you will gain access to cutting-edge resources and technologies, such as analysis software, real-time data and sophisticated tools. This will help you improve the quality of your trading decisions.

Support and Continuous Educational Training

Savius provides ongoing support and training through educational sessions and performance reviews. This will accelerate your learning process and sharpen your trading skills.

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