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The revolutionary challenge where payment is only due upon passing the evaluation phase

Understanding the Game Changer:

The Evaluation Phase

During the evaluation phase, you will have one calendar month (1st to last day of the month) to reach the 8% profit target and the 5 minimum trading sessions.

The only cost is €80 for the data feed, which will be deducted from the price of the challenge once you pass it. But here’s the real deal: if you don’t succeed within the month, you’re entitled to unlimited FREE restarts.

A real-life example of how the Evaluation phase works

Let’s take a concrete example.

Imagine you choose the $100,000 Game Changer.

Once you have paid the $80 for the data feed, your challenge will begin.

Your task during the evaluation phase is to make an 8% profit on $100,000, equivalent to $8,000, over at least 5 trading sessions. 

You will have a Max Drawdown of 10% (so you should not go below $10,000) and a Daily Drawdown of 5% (so you should not go below $5,000 on the same day).

If you fail within the month, don’t worry. Your €80 fee covers infinite retries. Simply request a restart from your dashboard, and a new account will be available shortly after. Upon completing the evaluation, you pay for the challenge, sign the contract, and move to a paid step with up to 80% profit share.


Game Changer 50kGame Changer 100kGame Changer 200k
Initial Capital$ 50,000$ 100,000$ 200,000
Target Challenge
Payout Target8%
Min. Trading Days5 trading sessions
Min. Trading Days Funded14 trading sessions
Daily Drawdown$ 2,500$ 5,000$ 10,000
Max Drawdowm$ 5,000$ 10,000$ 20,000
Consistency Fase Funded30%
Profit Share60% for first payout, 70% for the second - 80% from the third onwards
Challenge cost40 €40 €40 €
Extension cost40 €40 €40 €
Funded account cost499 €799 €1399 €

Failed the challenge? No worries! Enjoy infinite FREE RESTARTS within the month

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